Sunday, 20 March 2011

February 2011, A Month Like No Other

I just thought I had better write about February this year as it was a month like no other in my life and turned into a catalyst for change as I had never experienced before.

On January 6th I saw my new consultant rheumatologist. He gave me a long acting steroid injection, 40 mins later it was like a miracle cure. My ankles and knees started springing as I walked around some local shops near the hospital. I was waking better than I had for over 10 years. Sorted, I thought. (I'm still reaping the benefit of that injection.)

The following day the nightmare started. I had a severe reaction to the drug. Over the next 6 weeks, I sweated as if in a sauna day and night, became manic, had fits, couldn't sleep at all (2x2 hour naps in 10 days), passing out, in short going blinking bonkers. And there was noting that could be done to stop the reaction to the drug. I just had to sweat it out.

So here I was, at home unable to concentrate on anything and not doing anything useful and I got an email from Stephen Russell the 'Barefoot Doctor' inviting me to listen to 8 free webinars called  "Wealth Solutions to help you make 2011 a year of wealth and ease rather than poverty and hardship." (A webinar is like a PowerPoint presentation on an internet site with an audio of an interview of between Stephen Russell and his guest) For some unknown reason I thought I'd give it a try. Under normal circumstances, I'd have dismissed this as being a bit to esoteric and 'wacky'.

Unfortunately I had to miss the first 2 on 1st February, which included an evening session with Nicola Cairncross, a woman who's advice I've subsequently, seriously taken to heart. I was also really impressed with his interviews with Judith Morgan and Rachel Elnaugh from TV's Dragon's Den. All of these people talked about finances in a way I had never heard before. The Laws of Attraction, thoughts become things, the power of belief, the power of gratitude. I started reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and was totally blown away. But, I also felt strongly that this was only part of the picture but didn't know where else to look. 

Then a friend who I hadn't seen for 40 years contacted me on Friends Reunited in December. She told me she had the book The Secret, but hadn't read it. This really seemed to be more than a coincidence. No one else I knew was into anything like this at all. Then she sent me a link to The Tapping World Summit? Eh! Didn't have a clue. What was 'Tapping'? When I saw Bruce Lipton's explanation 'A Breakthrough Discovery That Combines Ancient Chinese Accupressure and Modern Psychology.'  I was hooked.

Between 21st and 29th February I listened to 18 further webinars, I learned to 'Tap' and tapped along with the practitioners. And as I gradually returned to sanity as my steroid injection wore off, and the new DMARD drugs started working, I significantly changed the direction of my life. It's really hard to say what's changed. I'm certainly more content. Infact, even though I'm often in discomfort with my joints, I can honestly say I'm contented, less frustrated, have a considerably more positive and optimistic outlook on life. These are changes that were not on the horizon at all before the steroid injection. Of course I'm more organized and getting more things done than I was through Jan and Feb, but then most of the time, I was bonkers and seriously physically impaired.

But if anyone ever reads this, thinks their life is going nowhere, that they have passed any opportunities to turn things around, are stuck in a cul-de-sac and going nowhere, I would seriously recommend
1. Watch the Bruce Lipton interview about Tapping
2. Read book or watch the film The Secret by Rhonda Byrne,
3. Start writing a Gratitude Journal (I can remember Oprah saying that was the single most powerful thing she did to turn her life around about 15 years ago but didn't know what she was talking about.)
4. Read The Power by Rhonda Byrne
5. Start Tapping. When I find a really good introduction to Tapping (other than an annual summit) I'll include it here.

Thanks for reading.

See you again. 


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